A Creative Whirlpool

That’s what I’m going to call it, a Creative Whirlpool. All the ideas are flying around, I’m feeling inspired, I want to write more, blog more, be more creative with my style, however – I hate working from home and I’m not a huge fan of working on my own, so that’s where my ideas sort of go down the drain a lot of time.

Saying this, I have been hitting more creative highs than I have all year. I’m currently working on a second-hand project which I’m so excited to share with you all but it’s in its early days so I still have a lot of planning to do. I’m hoping to make second hand shopping a much easier and trendier experience for those that aren’t quite keen on it, or for those that love a good thrift but wanting to look further out to find those options. It will be a directory of second-hand shopping from IRL charity shops, online, vintage, vinyl, furniture and more. Including events near you. Once it’s ready, you won’t be able to escape the social media wave that will be coming your way. Sorry, not sorry.

Anywho, in this whole creative spin, I’ve personally found that when I’m looking for inspiration and I deliberately put myself out there; I get anxious and extremely judgemental on myself – it’s not a healthy habit and is the reason why I put my music on hold this year. However, I’ve had some time off to quite literally do absolutely nothing and it’s like all these ideas just hit me and I’ve felt excited about them ever since.

Being a solo creative

Working in groups is one of my favourite things to do, the social aspect is wonderful and you feel, collectively like you’ve really achieved something and for all of you to recognise that makes it even more special. However, when I have a personal goal I don’t let anything or anyone get in my way, I like to be determined and get things done and I feel that mastering things solo is one of the only ways for me to achieve that. There are cons of being a solo creative for example budgeting as it’s only yourself who is putting the money into your project also misjudgment of what you’re doing and, to be honest, just being a tad lonely. However huge pros are that you and you only are in full control of your outlet and the achievement of doing that yourself can feel like a huge accomplishment.

Looking for other solo creatives

Collaborating is such a great way to have another outlook on your project, it’s also important to get different perspectives and help from other people. I’ve collaborated in both musical projects and fashion, I think it’s probably easier and cheaper when it comes to fashion as I believe that you have more platforms to make a career out of it. When it comes to music, a lot of musicians stay behind the social media light and it’s harder to pin them down! Reaching out to other creatives is such an important way to get advice, stay up to date with trends and help you in achieving your goal.

Where I was looking for inspiration, was I going wrong and what does it mean to be right?

I really do believe that inspiration finds you, rather than the other way round. Every time I’ve gone searching for something, yeah I get the odd tickle where I’ll write some lyrics down but nothing hugely mind-blowing. This year, I went to America, I guess to breathe a little and find something about myself I didn’t know; well actually I did that – solo traveling is a bit shit and I’m not a fan. It’s only until now where I’ve had a break with my work and ABSOLUTELY nothing to do, that I’ve been getting ideas, feeling overwhelmingly creative and actually super happy. Also, it’s Christmas, so what a great time to be off eh?

I think I was going wrong by paying a lot of money to find inspiration but actually when it comes down to it – it was here all along, I was just too busy to see it.

Finding inspiration through these Creatives

Seeing women in creative industries honestly gives me that big buzz of fierce ‘I can do anything’ attitude. So, if you’re looking for that and feel like you’re stuck in a rut, have a look at these ladies/collectives where some awesome women team together to create some bloody beautiful stuff.

Female Narratives; an all-female collective of women chosen from creative industries to support each other and make some absolutely gorgeous setups.

Girls I Rate; women working in music. They run workshops and other events to bring out the best musical qualities in women.

The All Bright Club; a fucking fabulous women’s club situated in the heart of Soho. The decor is to die for and their ethos is perfection.

Headspace; I threw this one in here as it’s been helping me to start getting back into meditation. Give it a go if you’re needing some..space?

Perhaps you can be a little bit inspired after reading this to get those creative juices flowing over the holidays!

What I’m Wearing

Dress | Depop (originally Zara)

Home Decor

Pillows | TK Maxx

Gold Frame | Car Boot Sale

French Print | Market in Paris

Green Cream Blanket | Thrifted

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