Conscious Gift Giving

This year has been quite different for me when it comes to choosing gifts, everyone is on the Secret Santa hype which is a HUGE relief. So much easier, not wasteful and if each person is organised then they can get what they really want for Christmas.

Over the next couple of years, I think our generation will gradually stop buying as many presents for each other, I say this because after talking to friends and family, they really don’t want/need much and I feel that we’re all beginning to slowly start saying no to mass consumerism. I mean, all I really want is something practical, or an experience or even just to see my friends and family more.

So, anyone else still in two minds about what to get someone? *hand held up way way high in the air*. One gift left and here are my options which you might be find helpful when trying to think of what to get that person, and of course I’ve put a little conscious sustainable spin on it.

An Experience

I love trying new things and meeting new people, if that’s been given as a gift to me – you’ve done pretty well. Theatre/gig tickets, a spa afternoon, tours, shows, or even taking someone away with you to a new country. Let’s face it, even if that experience is not your total cup of tea, you’ve got to give to it them for trying to encourage you to do something a little bit different. The ones I’ve been looking at this year have been:

  • Afternoon Teas at Sketch, the Ivy, or Tewin Bury Farm
  • Secret Cinema
  • Electric Cinema
  • Groupons Holidays under £99
  • Festivals; Vegan Festival, Gin Festivals to name a few

A Sustainable Starter Kit

I say this will full optimism however, you don’t want to be pushing sustainability in someone’s face when they’re really not bothered about it, make sure it’s not going to waste – if you’ve got a friend or family member who is interested in sustainability then this could be a great way to point them in the right direction. A starter kit could be; a reusable bottle/keep cup, a reusable tote, bamboo toothbrushes, beeswax wraps and so much more.


Bring the outside, inside. I’ve filled up every possible free space I can with plants and somehow have found room for more. Hanging plants, succulents or go full out and get a palm! Plants purify the air, remove ammonia and are just darn pretty. A bit of greenery can go a long way in the ol’ present giving. My favourite place to buy large plants is Groupon, or for smaller succulents, Colombia Road Flower Market always has a huge range to choose from.


I’ve given up going to Homesense and picking out ‘nice’ things for peoples homes, it’s just more ‘things’ that they may not need and guessing if someone will like is not a practical way of giving presents. Giving vouchers is such a perfect way to allow that person to choose something just for themselves and knowing that you’ve contributed to this gift is quite special.

A Sustainable Source

Sustainable and independent brands, I’m sure would appreciate you supporting them for your Christmas shopping. Wearth London is an online marketplace who have selected eco-friendly brands in their directory, so everything in your basket will be completely ethical, eco-conscious and champions some great independent brands. I particularly love their filters from natural beauty, zero waste products, and self-care.

Other sustainable marketplaces are ASOS Marketplace for vintage second-hand finds and Etsy for those crafty friends. Thought clothing is also great for sustainable socks (if you’re one of those sock buyers, I love you if you are.). Finally, I’ve recently come across Finisterre, a sustainable outdoor clothing company based in Cornwall – if you’re wanting to give someone special a gift they’ll keep forever, I honestly would be more than happy with a coat from these guys. I love their ethos, fisherman style designs, and effortless branding. They’ve also got a gift guide on their website which looks so cosy it makes me want to go camping in Cornwall.

Ask Them – What do They Really Need?

If you’re still struggling and fear that you’ll get them something that would literally sit under there bed for five years, just ask them. Asking for a wish list is completely practical and shows your care. And if they really have no idea what they want, at least choosing an eco conscious gift will not be doing harm to them or the planet.

Christmas Wrapping

The final cherry on top of this ever-growing list, how are ya gonna wrap them up? I’m not one for Christmas cards, but I do like something wrapped in a big ol’ bow. I always keep ribbons each year just because they’re cute and pretty but like everyone, you unwrap that beautiful box and chuck the paper in the bin right? I’ve started cringing every time I do this now, , so… I’ve become quite the Monica Gellar and have been saving the paper and reusing what I can. Otherwise, I’ve been using brown paper from the Post Office and reused ribbons or string from presents past. Other options could be; newspaper, old fabric or wrag-wrap or paper bags.

I hope you found this gift guide helpful if you’re wanting to be a little bit more conscious this year!

Any tips you’ve found then please please share below.

Happy Christmas x

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