Corduroy Obsessed

On my last job, someone said to me ‘Oh, pink corduroy again?’ which I thought was hilarious, and slightly a bit too observant but made me realise, I am absolutely obsessed with that colour and that fabric.

In all seriousness, I own just two pink corduroy items; this jacket and a pair of dungarees so she can calm down on that front. But I did mistakenly wear corduroy trousers with a long black corduory jacket once and thought..this is a bit much, I was also dangerously overheating.

The fabric which for so long you’d see older men, mostly teachers or librarians wear has now swung back in fashion from it’s ever so loved stint in the 1970s and now, you can’t really escape it!

It’s long lasting, durable, warm and easy to look after. However, it’s also made from cotton which is as some of you may know from watching Stacey Dooleys documentary ‘Fashion’s Dirty Secrets’; one of the most unsustainable crops. Cotton relies on vast amounts of water and toxic chemicals that are harmful directly to the farmers but also the surrounding areas of cotton farms.

As corduroy is so long-lasting, buying it second hand is a fantastic way to support local charities and know that you’re reusing the fabric without contributing to modern-day cotton farming.

Here are three previous blog posts featuring reused corduroy which I’ve bought from thrifting or given to me. First, is a thick oversized shirt with fleece lining given to me by a friend of mine, oh my it’s so warm. Second, I was choosing fabrics in a charity shop – these turned out to be my oh so loved trousers that I only finished making last week. Thirdly, a little vintage 60s peter pan collar dress, in incredible condition considering it nearly 60 years old.

In recent years, I’ve come across some beautiful sustainable and ethical brands who also are drawn to cords and use the fabric in a lot of there designs. If second-hand isn’t for you, then here are some brands you can turn to:

Maybe one day, when it’s really cold and I’m probably wearing all my cords, I’ll do a lookbook. But that might be a little too obsessed? Maybe, I’ve already gone past that line…

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Cord Jacket | Paloma Wool

Black Velvet Shirt | My Mum’s, thanks ma

Straight Leg Jeans | Vintage

Black Converse | Depop

Black Cord Hat | Thrifted

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