My Month in Sustainable Fashion: April


I wanted to save this month’s Sustainable feature for my trip to Cornwall which started off as the location for a beautiful friends wedding which then turned into a week-long holiday in one of my favourite thrifting destinations; Falmouth. Keeping it Victorian along with our cottage, I’ve gone for the following look:

Cream 80s Victoriana Blouse: Vintage

Black Velvet High Waisted Trousers: Vintage Laura Ashley

Gold Hoop Earrings: ASOS (If anyone comes along affordable recycled/sustainable jewellery let me know! I’m not sure where to start ✨ )


Sunshine Yellow 

What I’m Wearing:

Yellow Button Up Dress: Vintage Monsoon (90s)

Trainers: Veja from the Vegan Collection


Corduroy Dream

What I’m Wearing:

Purple/Pink Corduroy Dress: Vintage (I found this when thrifting through some local charity shops, they told me that a woman had come in and had swept out all those dresses from back in the day and just given them away. This dress is true 60s and is in immaculate condition, it still baffles me that every time I buy/receive something as old as this that it’s still lasting and so fitting with some of today’s trends)

Black Boots: Topshop (2 – 3 Years Ago)


Finding Things

What I’m Wearing:

Black Leather Shearling Jacket: Vintage

Jeans: Vintage Wrangler


Casual Walk

What I’m Wearing:

Corduroy Red Fleece Jacket: Gift from a friend! Cheers Em x

Jeans: Vintage Lee

Oh so sexy walking boots: Cotswolds


The Real Reason why we’re Here



Dear Molly’s wedding was an absolute 50s dream in St Ives. A true vintage queen and so was everyone else that attended. Buying for a wedding doesn’t have to be an expensive splurge when you know you’ve got so much else to think about. Buying from a sustainable brand doesn’t have to be overly expensive, whilst the urge to snap a Reformation dress was tempting, I looked at some of Weekdays outfits but then opted for this 90s Marks and Spencer Oriental Style Dress in this burnt orange shade. Although a little too big, at only £5 I couldn’t resist. I’m sending more and more things to a friend of mine who is a seamstress, she altered this dress and we received this 60s silhouette which was perfect.

Being sustainable also means you being creative, by either upcycling what you already have buying from a sustainable source and altering it to fit you; it’s also kind of fun.

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