My Month in Sustainable Fashion: January

Get yourselves ready for some downright cheesy holiday photos. I needed some sun and to find some inspiration to get me through January and Morocco was top of my list. I dusted off those spring pieces and got them prepped for a little taste of sunshine.

I’ve wanted to start a sustainable monthly fashion blog for a long time, therefore with the new website up and running I thought it would be a good opportunity to squeeze this into my weekly blogs. Last year, I went vegan and really started to make a change in my spending habits. Since April 2017, I have been shopping sustainably which means thrifting, picking up vintage pieces and occasionally buying from the odd sustainable brand. I was very fortunate to team up with the brand Thoreau last year who sent me some pieces to wear to a gig I was performing in at Notting Hill Arts Club.

In Morocco, I wanted to support local tailors and came across this little recycled shop in the Essaouira where I came away with round wicker straw bag, I had some time trying to get this treasure in my suitcase. All in all, I hope you find some inspiration for shopping sustainably and keeping up with trends for the next couple of months with this little piece of Morocco to keep you going through the harsh weather:


3 New Sustainable Discoveries:

Gather & See

I’ve only just discovered this retailer and am constantly browsing through there sale items. They have found some really beautiful ethical and sustainable brands and have curated a fantastic online platform which makes it a lot easier to shop for the conscious buyer.

Cheap Monday

I treasure my Cheap Monday Tee that I found in an ASOS sample sale just because of the sheer quality. After a browse on their website, I hadn’t realised that they were moving towards sustainable fashion which gives more a whole new reason to shop there!


A conscious label with ethically sourced materials with an aesthetic we can all appreciate. A little bit more expensive but perfect if you’re looking for a staple piece.

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