My Sustainable Month in Fashion: June X Weekday

I’ve had my eye on these jeans for months, made from organic cotton you can buy them in an array of colours including matching denim jackets. It’s not often I buy something new for myself as most of my wardrobe is vintage or second hand so when these arrived I was over la moon.

Now as this is My Sustainable Month, I wanted to match up with a brand that is looking at there sustainability methods; I believe Weekday is doing this with there fabrics; using organic materials or recycling polyester which is brilliant however since getting the jeans, I have been looking into where they manufacture there clothing. And let’s not forget that they’re apart of the H&M group who yes are looking for more sustainable and ethical ways of the clothing industry (H&M Conscious Collection, Monki etc) however they’re not entirely transparent on who makes their clothing and they do not seem to share any photo evidence of there warehouses or factory workers. I appreciate that they’re taking minor steps to improve their idea of fast fashion however they still have a long way to go.

Despite the negative spin, these jeans are still going to be kept in my wardrobe and I will think twice before purchasing from Weekday again for there ethical methods however there conscious materials have a thumbs up from me 👍🏼

Originally from Weekday and brought by via Depop, this jumpsuit is everything. Made from recycled polyester, it has that real synthetic 70s vibe along with that perfect D ring tie and the most gorgeous bottle green that you very rarely see; this jumpsuit is so beautifully simple and unique in it’s own way.

Finishing off again with an outfit repeat of the yellow jeans paired with Pumas organic collection. Fitting in nicely with the rainbow trend this year, Puma has launched an organic collection which I guess fits the theme of this month’s sustainable fashion blog; another company who are looking at sustainable fabrics but still need to strive to be overall conscious.

Photography: Jasmine Farram

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