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Don’t want to venture out into the cold and dig through piles of unwanted used clothes? I completely get that. Thrifting from your home has become so much easier; websites and apps have become curated and filtered down to brands, size, and style which can make it a much more enjoyable experience to shop second hand. Whilst prices online are slightly higher, it’s a luxury to do it from your home and exciting to receive that parcel in the post without having to do anything but a couple of taps on your keyboard.

I’ve put this blog post together to give you tips and suggestions for websites I use and how to grab a bargain and avoid sellers that may not give you the best experience; it occasionally happens and can make it a very annoying experience.

Let’s start off with a favourite of mine and an ever-growing popular app; Depop. You’ve probably heard of it, maybe you’ve tried to sell the odd thing or had a quick browse through someone’s shop. Depop is a whole new world full of bargains; from exciting vintage pieces to that perfect Topshop dream that you’ve had your eye on for months. What makes it so addictive is that it’s a little like Instagram, you can scroll for hours through items of clothing, shoes, homeware etc. and save the things you like – but also, Depop shops can be oh so trendy – you scroll through like Instagram, finding inspiration for your next outfit and then can buy that outfit they’re wearing and see just how cool it looks on the model.

Depop really can be a wonderful thing, hey it’s where I got this god damn gorgeous co-ord from. However after I bought it, I came over a whole heap of obstacles as the seller clearly did not have time for me. Despite a seller having 5-star reviews, I would scroll through there feedback anyway; if they have 300 great reviews against 30 bad, they’re still going to come up as having a pretty good rating. It’s best to look out for themes in the reviews; are they bad communicators? Do they have a slow shipping process? Do the items come from a smoke-free home? It’s best to look out for themes like this if you’re wanting a particular service.

A great tip when looking on Depop is to find some of your favourite bloggers, a lot of fashion bloggers sell there gifted items for a fraction of the price and I often come across some gorgeous, hardly worn pieces.

My favourite bloggers on Depop to follow:







Everyone has there own taste when shopping, most friends of mine like the high street but if designer is more your calling, then Vestiaire Collective is the place for you. Home to hundreds of top quality second-hand designer pieces, Vestiaire is beautifully curated and is wonderfully breezy to scroll through. You can filter items down via colour, branding, price, sizing, materials, and condition. If you’re looking for something truly special for your wardrobe, this website will guide you through an array of dreamy 60s Chanel boots to fabulous 90s Fendi bags in a flash.

However, if your budget doesn’t quite fit the bill, I’ve recently tried out a website called Thrift+ which seems to be a huge hit in the US and is slowly crawling up the popularity chain over here in the UK. You can either donate your items or buy from there selection of highstreet clothes including Zara, River Island, ASOS and many more or hit up there Boutique which includes some great designer finds. They don’t have a huge selection right now but it does make buying second hand more enjoyable especially when you find out a bit more about the company. Thrifted+ was created to give charity shops a new way of selling but in a more convenient format which was to be just as easy as shopping on your favourite online stores such as ASOS or Amazon. Go check it out if you want some afforable, second hand pieces that’s going to a great cause!

Now, let’s go back to those great online thrifting days to the one and only eBay. It’s a classic when it comes to buying second hand but over the years as Depop and Vinted have climbed up the chain, eBay seems to be a little stuck in the past. I don’t sell on eBay unless it’s for a huge designer piece as they don’t seem to sell on Depop very well, I’d also only buy on eBay if it was for furniture or household items. Unfortunately, sellers have absolutely ranked up the prices when it comes to clothing, and a lot of the time luring buyers in with ‘Bloggers Favourite’ which is always a sold out Zara piece and selling it for double the price which I absolutely don’t have time for. I would solely recommend using eBay for designer clothing or if you’re buying items for your house, if you want a bargain for a Topshop two piece for example, sadly you may be ripped off.

For you crafty types that want something a bit different, I’m sure you’re obsessed with Etsy just as much as I was. Etsy is the home to all things arty, unique and where you can have things customized. I haven’t shopped on Etsy in a while and don’t tend to when it comes to clothing as the vintage stores can be a little out of my price range but for home decor buying second hand or even through independent shops can be a really wonderful experience. Most sellers are passionate about there items, whether they make them themselves or buy them specially, you really feel like you can connect with them and share your passions for it.

For another fantastic online shopping experience is ASOS Marketplace, I sadly always forget about this one (hence being last) and am not sure why, as when I’m reminded, I realise just how great it is! ASOS Marketplace has some really fabulous curated brands or model and style there finds in ways that you’d see in a magazine. The prices are absolutely reasonable and just like the ASOS website, you can filter it down into price, size, brand, era etc. which can make the experience very easy and enjoyable.

Finally, I’m going to throw out there some apps and websites that you can use for shopping second hand but be aware that these are like Depop and are sellers just getting rid of old clothes so do check out there ratings if you’re wanting a good experience :


Facebook Marketplace 




My my this was a lengthy blog post! I hope this helps for when you’re chilling at home and just want to browse online for your next purchase! Lots of love and keep thrifting xx

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