Stories Behind Things Clothes Switch on Film

I love a good clothes swap, luckily more and more events like these keep popping up and it’s amazing to see how quickly they sell out. The concept is simple, you bring a couple of good quality items that you don’t wear anymore, exchange them for tokens and use those tokens in exchange for other peoples treasures that have also been dropped off that day.

I’ve been wanting to attend the Stories Behind Things Clothes Switch for a while now but none of the dates fitted with my schedule until this Christmas, I immediately clicked attend and paid for the ticket (£11 – which I imagine, as the venue was free went to the use of rails, hangers, peoples time and towards the events admin costs). Hosted at the Good Hotel, a trendy location based on the waterfront of Royal Victoria Docks, it fitted perfectly with the Stories Behind Things ethical and sustainable concept as the hotel sources all their produce locally, supports charities in the area and encourages long-term training at the hotel for those who are unemployed in the local area. Read more about it here.

Here, I’ve added just a couple of photos of the day as using a film camera in winter is frustratingly difficult due to the lack of sunlight. Plus ways that I styled my takings from the switch which I have to say are for more dreamy than I could’ve imagined. I have one item not featured which is a white Reformation style dress that was way too summery for this grey December day.

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